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Dallasgoldbug : The Truth Exposed!

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Dallasgoldbug : The Truth Exposed!  Empty Dallasgoldbug : The Truth Exposed!

Beitrag  Andy Do Dez 15, 2011 4:06 am

Dallasgoldbug : The Truth Exposed!

Hochgeladen von thetruthergirls am 14.12.2011

As disturbing as it is that people are taking him seriously, i just can't make a serious video about Dallasgoldbug! At one time, I even took him seriously- because when he started out, he was making seemingly valid claims that actors were used on 9/11. He hadn't actually come up with this idea himself, he got it from the let's roll forums. In any case, he was probably right about this. And he is right that actors are used on the news: mainstream news channels have been exposed before for airing segments that look like investigative reports but are really propaganda manufactured by government or corporations and passed off as 'real news'.
So when I saw him talking about this, I thought it was just as well that someone was drawing attention to this. But now, over a year later, he seems to have gone off the deep end and is convinced that everyone on the news and even on youtube is an actor working for Pima county sheriff's department in Arizona. I know he is way off base here, not only because the 'matches' look nothing alike, but because some of the accused include myself and several of my friends.
I am truly puzzled at the fact that so many people take his 'work' seriously. I thought that the public had better discernment than that. We are always told 'don't believe what you read on the internet' and 'reading too much on the net will confuse you' but I really thought people could sort things out for themselves. I guess I was wrong! Are people really THAT easily led with total nonsense disinfo?? That's just sad.
It is so puzzling that I have even wondered whether this is not some kind of experiment being carried out to prove that people really do not have the ability to separate information from disinformation. Will some professor come forward in a year or so and tell us all that the DGB experiment proves that we believe this hooey, how can we be trusted to sort out information regarding serious matters such as vaccinations? I'm kidding, but if there were such an experiment , it would prove that people will swallow anything.
What's even stranger is that he has suddenly gotten very popular on youtube, largely due to relentless self-promotion on internet forums (perhaps with the help of a team of trained monkeys).
I didn't even want to make a video about him, but people keep sending me his videos and I just can't seem to get away from it!

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