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Measles Outbreak in Quebec

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Measles Outbreak in Quebec Empty Measles Outbreak in Quebec

Beitrag  Andy Fr Dez 16, 2011 9:13 am

Measles Outbreak in Quebec

Hochgeladen von thetruthergirls am 16.12.2011

There have been over 750 cases of measles in Quebec this year and the government is launching a vaccination camapign. For those of you who do not want to have your kids vaccinate, remember that vaccination is NOT mandatory in Quebec and you don't even need an exemption form for school if you refuse the shots.
As parents, we are all concerned about our kids' health and I feel that if the government wants to prevent the spread of measles, they should do more than vaccinate the kids and keep the unvaccinated at home, since it has been shown that measles outbreaks can occur even in highly vaccinated populations. There are also, of course, concerns over the safety of the vaccines, including vaccine contamination and the materials used to make the vaccines.
for more informatioin on vaccine rights and exemptions in your area, visit
Vaccine contamination:
MMR contamination:
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