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Beitrag  Luziefer-bs1 Di Mai 17, 2011 5:26 am

I am your man ( from the album "W" coming in may 2011)

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Planningtorock - I am your man ( from the album "W" coming in may 2011)

The alter ego multi-instrumentalist/programmer/videographer Janine Rostron Rostron Planningtorock fuses all talents in a dazzling audiovisual presentation that borrows from classical music, glam rock Spacey pictures and hip-hop a classically trained violinist who began playing at the age of eight, Rostron moved from Bolton Lancashire to Berlin in 2002 Planningtorock persona first surfaced in 2004 when she began to perform at the city's clubs Planningtorock live performances blur the boundaries between concerts and performances with Rostron wearing strange helmets and costumes and interacting with video characters Planningtorock debut single Modern Love and the Weimar Tour EP arrived Early the next year and showcased Rostron unique mix of pizzicato strings beats and hoarsesong that could change from bluesy to quirky (or vice versa) at a moment in 2004 Rostron issued MP3 Calls subjects in a foreign Mind via Twisted Nerve Records and the EP Eins - which included the underground hit "Local Foreigner" - on her own Rostron publishers (which also released work by the Knife Soft Pink Truth and Kevin Blechdom) After signing to Chicks on Speed Records Planningtorock released limited edition 7 "Changes / I Want to Bite Ya early in 2006 and her first album has everything that summer
after extensive tour 07/06/2008 both solo and with artists like LCD Soundsystem and Peaches The Knife Hot Chip - Planningtorock took time off to record their second full-length albums during that TIME she alsocollaborated with The Knife and MtSims of the Opera "Tomorrow in a year" and wrote a soundtrack for a new Bruce La Bruce Theatre piece

Planningtorock has also just made a new video for LCD sound system next single "I Can Change" was recorded in New York PTR
now finished editing

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